Fake Credit Card Numbers

The Lowdown On Fake Credit Card Numbers And Fraud

Have you ever received those pre-approved credit cards in the mail? You better think twice before simply throwing it away. Here is some basic information on how fake credit card numbers are obtained and used for fraudulent purposes.

Ah, this wonderful little piece of plastic. The majority of us adults have at least one credit card. Some of us use them regularly for shopping and everyday needs. Some of us choose to keep them for emergencies only. In either case, you are still at risk of having your account number compromised and used on a fake card. Although the risk of this is markedly lower than simply having your identity stolen. Let’s learn a bit about how the process works.

Have you ever heard of a credit number generator? It is a software program that takes various banking companies’ figure generating rules and techniques. They use it to find a set of numbers that is actively valid. There is little legitimate use for these other than in certain types of software testing done by businesses. This is the tool that is used for fraud. It does not create success every time, it is a bit like the lottery. They also cannot create all the needed information alone.

Each different organization offering cards have different numerical rules. You will notice that some companies always start with “4″ and some will start with a “5.” Each is unique. A generator is used to find the right figures or those matching an active account. Once it is found, a phony card is printed. The creator then tests it by making small transactions on websites that offer live processing. This way they will know immediately without being noticed. They will repeat with multiples, separating successful and unsuccessful.

There are ways you can protect yourself from crimes of this manner. First of all, cancel any unused accounts immediately. If you throw away a card or forget about it, it could be used in your name. Make sure to check the activity of the account regularly online. If you are a merchant, always go through extra verification processes. Validate the shipping and billing addresses, security code, and also expiration date. Generators cannot fake that information.

This class of crime is growing more and more common with time. The world of fake credit card numbers and using them with fraudulent intent is something to be aware of. Although it is a federal crime with a harsh penalty, many continue to take money from hardworking people this way.