How to Make a Fake ID at Home for Free

Today a fake ID became a very important thing in any wallet; in some cases it is even better than money, because you have a chance to get into prestigious clubs and bars, buy drinks and dance all night long knowing only one secret: how to make a fake ID at home for free.

How to Make a Fake ID at Home for Free

Make Sure You Have all the Materials

First of all you are to think of a printer (laser or inkjet) and quality photo paper which is compatible with the printer and the inks. Forget about fake cartridges, they must be only original, in other case the result will be poor. Use a scanner or a digital camera while creating a photo image of your face. Don’t forget about the graphics editing software (for example, Adobe Photoshop).

How to make a fake ID at Home for free?

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Making and Editing Template

You have to get an example of any ID on line; usually it is a blank ID without any information on it. This fact gives a chance to edit all your personal information. The front of a template is usually named Franklin Gothic Medium. Download the template on you computer for free and begin working. Make a photo of a good quality and imbed it into a fake ID. It must be a photo on a blue background with your shoulders included.

The back part is easier to make. Type the information regarding restrictions and the DMV on the white background. If you are to fabricate the signature you have to download a hand written font in cursive.

Printing the Fake ID

Use your home printer and TESLIN, because it looks and feels like the original ID. Assure that the ID is of the needed size and print it out.

Fake ID Lamination

When the template of the fake ID is printed out, you are to laminate it. The kind of lamination highly depends on the material you have to laminate. In case you need to laminate TESLIN, use butterfly pouches (it’s up to you whether to choose glossy or mate). They are produced with magnetic strips.

In case you’ve decided to get to know how to make a fake ID at home for free, make sure you’ll do it in a right way. After you have made a fake ID, you start enjoying all its benefits. Avoid getting caught as you can be issued by penalties or even jail.