Legal Drinking Age: An Ongoing Debate

There have been many talks about the legal drinking age, debates on lowering or keeping it. There have been discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of lower or higher age limits. There have been throw backs of comments, insults, and even flimsy excuses. But the real question is not just the age but also the maturity of the person. The idea though is, if they insist on having the new law passed, are they really mature about it? After all, what are a few years to wait for a taste of alcoholic bliss? Is it really so important, so life-changing to get a mere sip of liquor?

One of the most argued about facts within the United States is the fact that Europeans have little to nothing to restrain them from drinking. They have discounted the fact that people in Europe have been so used to the idea that alcohol is part of their lives, their traditions, their religion and culture. It is not as alluring for these people as it is for them. Although there is still the argument that being used to it doesn’t mean they don’t binge as some of them actually do. However, most of them don’t do it as much as American teens which is surprising and at the same time not.

It is a good argument though that it is a possibility that they may lessen their consumption if it is less tempting and more natural. The responsibility though weighs in the fact that compared to Europeans, Americans can already drive from age 16 above. They are too dependent on their cars and the laws about drunk driving are more lenient. It is indeed true that Europeans can drink early in their lives but those kids will never touch a car drunk as they mostly do social rather than binge drinking. Their laws about drunk driving are stricter and the punishments are heavier. And parents are needed for the children to watch them consume those drinks, to limit the drink and make sure they are safe.

If students insist that they want to have lower legal drinking age, they must show that they can be responsible not only for themselves but also for those that may be affected by their actions. Debates are ongoing even now. Talks about being old enough to go to war, vote, and even marry but cannot drink are favorite quotes within those debates. But incidents and accidents where alcohol is to blame are too high. If lowering the legal drinking is really the answer, then there must be consequences for it. Lower the age limit, but tighten the loopholes in the law. Make heavier penalties for the incidents that occur, make the youth understand that one cannot have everything without the consequences to follow. Make them understand the responsibility because if not, then what use is it? This debate is just for fun then if that happens, not for the better and surely not for responsibility.